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About Us

I have been raising  Yorkies  for over 20 years. I am located in  Stanton, Missouri  1 hour from St. Louis.  All of my puppies are raised in my house. Its like a tiny nursery in my living room when I have puppies.  I assist with each birth and closely monitor each puppy as it grows.  My pets are my life. Almost everything I do revolves around them in some way.   They are the center of my attention at all times. I make sure each puppy is growing and eating and staying happy and healthy. The parents also receive the same attention.  Some of the puppies can leave at 8 weeks old, but others need to stay longer until I feel they ready to leave for their new forever homes. Most of my puppies will stay very small and will require the same constant care at their new homes that I give them here until they get a little bit older. (usually 3 months old) For this reason I will not sell a Teacup to anyone that has a full time job that keeps them away from their puppy for long periods of time. No puppy is considered sold without a $400 deposit. Deposits are not refundable since I have removed the puppy for sale to anyone else unless I am the one that cancels the sale. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale at any time .  I will interview all prospective buyers before approving the sale.  I  do not ship my puppies, they are very small and that is very stressful for them. I would rather the buyer comes and picks it up personally for the puppies safety.  I am state licensed and I am state and veterinary inspected.   After you have bought a puppy from me  you can call me anytime with a question, I don't care how old the dog is,  I am always happy to help with any advise I can give .     3145507840

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